Friday, January 14, 2011

I am still here!!!!

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Everyone can remain calm… I am here! I did not abandon this venture so quickly! I will be completely honest though, I had my doubts about how smart this would be… baking… all the time… and of course with the New Year’s resolution to lose weight… a baking blog would merely be setting up myself for failure. Well, after much thought and careful soul searching I have decided to say… you know, to hell with what people think is best for me… I am going to do what makes me happy and what I love. I love nothing more than giving someone something amazing to eat and the smile that creeps across their face as they dive in and come back for more.

My compromise… if I want to bake then I HAVE to exercise, no buts about it (although a smaller, more toned “but” would be nice… pun intended of course). So all this week I have been on the elliptical and yes my thighs and calves burn like hot pokers are stabbing them repeatedly. I am energized about this new year and all the many things that I can look forward to.

Now the burning question that is on every one’s mind… how do I get myself to work out? Well, I pulled the elliptical into the living room and watch cupcake wars, cake challenge, and my many other DVR’d foodie shows and walk until I am sweating the river of Nile down my back, breathing so hard that I can hear it over the music in my earphones, heart racing- literally screaming at me that if I go one more minute that I will have a stroke and die and then I get off, limp to the kitchen and pop 2 Aleve… exercise is fantastic, right? But, it is all forward progress and proof that if I can do the elliptical then I can become a master baker of beautiful cookies, cakes, and other delicious goodies (because obviously those two things have a great deal to do with one another!).

So, what have I been up to…? I have PERFECTED my sugar cookie recipe and have made 3 batches of the most amazing cookies- my dad and brother eat them one in both hands with their mouths full. I have started practicing my cookie decorating skills… I have decided to post a few of my favorite pictures. Let me know what you think! I know they aren’t good enough to sell right now… but would you buy cookies from me? Just curious!

And just in case anyone is dying to know why they got Monday off from work… well you can thank me (LOL)… it is my birthday!!!!!! So excited for a whole three day birthday weekend!!! Birthday present to me… COOKIES!!! I will post more pictures of my birthday cookies when they are done!! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!

 All my cookies (minus the ones that broke and just had to be eaten!!!)
 My favorite cookie!!! My goal is to create a more smooth surface on my new batch!

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